Hi lovely!

I'm so happy to see you here on It's Always Simple - my ultimate pride and joy.  I first began blogging after I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 2013.  Writing became my happy place, a way for me to feel less alone.  With words came my love of  style.  It was therapy; a release of the feelings and emotions I had trouble expressing otherwise. 


The more I shared my story, the more I realized how important it was to open up about something that everyone can relate to, mental health.  The blog gained a following and a loyal audience.  But along the way, I had a realization.  I may be living with an invisible illness, but I so badly want to inspire others to live beyond what they believe their full potential is.


And here we are.  Simplicity.  You would be shocked at how impactful it is.  It has changed my life and continues to do so every single day.  There's nothing I want more than to bring YOU on this journey with me.

What started as a coping mechanism turned into a business I could have only dreamed of and I have you to thank.  Can't wait to connect!

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